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Could Bad Breath Give You A Heart Attack?


Only if it’s your own breath. A recent study at Harvard shows a link between oral and cardiovascular health. Bacteria in the mouth can travel through the body, causing inflammation that could lead to blood clots, heart attack and stroke. Dental insurance has always been a smart way to save money. But if it could help save your heart? That’s great coverage. Learn about dental policies...

A Life Policy Can Keep The IRS From Becoming Your Beneficiary


If you’re retired, life insurance has definite tax-free advantages. Did you know: • Beneficiaries don’t pay taxes on life insurance benefits • You can borrow against policies tax-free Experts warn, however, that you use your policy for supplemental or emergency funding in retirement rather than a primary source of income. Read more…  Ask about life policies through your...



Prepare for the worst. For many retirees, that’s been the mindset since Americans started retiring in 1935. It’s time for a new mindset. Instead of preparing for the worst, what if you did the opposite? Prepare for the best! The purpose of supplemental insurance, for example, isn’t for you to worry about your teeth, your blood pressure and 20 million other things. The purpose is...

The Assurance of a Future Well-Lived: It’s Possible With Help From Your Association and AMBA


We all hope the future is bright and positive. A time when things will improve and get easier. This speaks to the fundamentally uplifting long-term attitude we have or wish for. And when your retirement future finally arrives and it’s time to kick back and enjoy every little moment with family and friends, your association, along with its partner Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA)...

Remembering To See Your Dentist Could Help Save Your Memory


According to a recent study at The University of
Central Lancashire School of Medicine and Dentistry in England, gum disease may
increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Bacteria can enter the bloodstream, spread to the brain and trigger an immune response that kills brain cells.

So, before you forget:

Learn about dental policies from your association and AMBA.

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Your Eyes Are A Window To Your Health, Not Just Your Soul


As profound and spiritual as the saying may be, it turns out that our eyes are far more than mere windows to our souls. They can, and often do hint at larger issues for other parts and systems in the human body. Eye doctors have long known that immediate indicators for larger diseases like diabetes sit right inside the eye. Routine comprehensive eye exams will highlight several leading hints of...

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