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Stop Cleaning Your Eyeglasses Like Grandma


She might have known how to milk a cow.  Or even cure the common cold.  However, using spit and the corner of her apron was not a skillful way to clean her glasses. According to Mark Agnew, founder and CEO of Eyeglasses.com, improper cleaning is how most lenses and frames get scratched. “Cleaning eyeglasses is best done with warm soapy water,” he advises. “If you clean...

A Bucket List Guaranteed to Keep Your Retirement Interesting


Climbing Mount Everest or swimming the English Channel might be a bit much for most of us.  On the other hand, completing a million-piece jigsaw puzzle or rebuilding a car engine might not be all that exciting. In his book, The Great Bucket List: 3,000 things To Do Before You Die,Tal Gur’s suggestions range from ambitious to just plain fun. Here’s a sampling (try them at...

Traveling This Summer? Prepare for Emergency Side Trips.


A few years ago, Vicki and Bill were vacationing in Hawaii. Both were retired and in excellent health. Then one morning, after swimming laps, Bill was overcome by weakness and taken to Straub Hospital. Turns out, he had a major stroke.  Thanks to Medical Air Services Association (MASA), the story has a happy ending. Two weeks later, Bill was given the okay to return home to Villages, Florida...

Those Are Teeth You’re Brushing, Not Tile Grout


Humans have been brushing their teeth with a vengeance since the invention of the toothbrush in 15th century China.  It’s understandable when you consider the enemies: discoloration, trapped spinach, plaque and, as burned into our brains by decades of mouthwash commercials, the germs that cause bad breath. We can’t seem to scrub vigorously enough, foaming at the mouth like...

Attention Women Retirees: Educate Yourself!


According to a Financial Wellness Census, only about a third of women know what to expect for retirement income. What’s even more disconcerting, less than half are confident they’ll have enough money to last through retirement. Here are a few basic suggestions to get started: • Figure out your social security. Then you can determine how much additional income you’ll need. •...

Teacher Slapped With $40,000 Air Ambulance Bill: A Lesson in Coverage


When your child’s life is in danger, the last thing on your mind is whether your insurance will cover the cost of the ambulance. Joseph Penrod, an Assistant Professor at Virginia Community College in Lynchburg, learned this the hard way when his son accidentally swallowed prescription pills earlier this year. He and his wife didn’t think twice about giving the go-ahead to airlift...

Getting Your Eyes in Shape for Summer


As we do our best to get (or stay) healthy for summer, it’s important to take special care of our eyes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology emphasizes protection against: Reflections – When the sun bounces off metal, water, or sand, ultraviolent (UV) rays can burn the surface of your eye, causing pain, blurriness and temporary vision loss. Wear 100% UV Protection sunglasses. A broad...

Why Age When You Can Sage?


It’s easy to equate retiring with aging, especially when our bodies remind us that we’re not getting any younger. Being told you’re only as young as you feel isn’t much help. Jann E. Freed, author of Leading with Wisdom, offers a different approach, which she calls sage-ing. There are three basic instructions: 1. Live Life with Meaning & Purpose. The research validates...

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