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A Teacher’s Heart Never Retires: Many Find Meaning Through New Opportunities


Once a teacher… After years of serving in a public school, retirement can be bittersweet. There are things you probably won’t miss: lack of supplies, weekends spent grading, the 1952 coffee maker in the teacher’s lounge…the list goes on. Maybe you were able to find some comic relief by doing your best Rodney Dangerfield: “I don’t get no respect!” But then...

New Encouragement for Stroke Recovery


About 60% of people who have had a stroke are left with the diminished use of a limb. The good news? Researchers believe that long-term disabilities can be minimized with prompt, intensive physical therapy. A groundbreaking Johns Hopkins study spearheaded by Steven Zeiler, M.D., Ph.D. confirms what clinicians have been observing for decades: that the brain can be rewired so that healthy areas can...

Eggs Are the New Carrots: Eat ‘Em for Good Vision


The effect of nutrition on vision isn’t late breaking news. We’ve all heard that carrots are good for our eyes—and now eggs have been found to be beneficial as well. A 15-year study of people 49 and older has revealed that consuming two or more eggs a week reduced wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD) by 62% compared to those who ate one egg or fewer. wAMD is an age-related...

Top Volunteer Organizations for Retirees


If retirement is a challenging transition for you, you’re not alone. Volunteering is a great way to maintain a sense of purpose and belonging. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills, and perhaps uncover talents and interests you never knew you had. Who knows, it could be the most rewarding work of your life. Plus, you get to set your own schedule, participating as much or as little...

If You Fall Off The Horse, Make Sure Your Ambulance Is Covered


When Sonna Anderson’s trusty steed Cody got spooked, tripped, and fell on top of her, that was scary enough. But then came the air ambulance bill. She could hardly believe her eyes: $54,727.26. Less than a third was covered by insurance, leaving the 60-year-old with a balance due of $41,029.53. “It shocked me,” she said. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize Medicare...

Rock Star & Dentist Bring Big Smiles to Island in Need


Each year, musical artist Lenny Kravitz and his dentist, Dr. Jonathan Levine, join forces to light up hundreds of faces on Eleuthera, Kravitz’s home island in the Bahamas. Levine has been Kravitz’s dentist and friend for the past two decades. This year, Levine’s GLO Good Foundation teamed up with Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation to provide free dental care to more than 400 Eleuthera...

Retirement Block Party Makes A Life-Long Dream Come True


Recently, after 34 years of delivering mail in Marietta, Georgia, Floyd Martin decided to retire. At the end of his last day, the neighborhood surprised him with a block party of more than 300 people. This included kids he gave lollipops, dogs he gave biscuits, and everyone for whom he always had a smile and a wave. “When we met Floyd,” recalls one neighbor, “it was like he was an old...

Interested in Preventing A Stroke? See Your Dentist.


Regular dental care may help prevent a lot more than tooth decay. A recent study at Tampere University in Finland revealed DNA traces of oral bacteria in blood clots that caused strokes. What defines a stroke? Basically, it’s the disruption of blood supply to the brain. Cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, causing tissue damage and brain function loss. The most common stroke is ischemic...

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