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When It Comes to Heart Health, Heredity Is Only Half the Story


While 50% of cardiovascular disease is genetic, you can still lower your risk even if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease. “You can greatly reduce a high genetic risk or greatly worsen a low genetic risk,” says Dr. Eugenia Gianos, director of Women’s Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York “Your fate lies largely in your hands.” According to a recent report from the...

Getting off the Hamster Wheel: Retirement Advice for Type A’s


What if we spent all of our days Improving our minds, learning new ways to be lazy —Mary Chapin Carpenter, “What If We Went to Italy” Retirees are often advised to stay busy. We’re expected to volunteer, take classes or travel. And, for the most part, it is a good idea to stay active. However, for many Type A personalities, it can be challenging to slow down enough to actually...

Evolution of The Human Face: We Are What We Chew


When you see your face in the mirror, you’re looking at four million years of dental evolution. A recent study by Arizona State University shows how changes in the jaw, teeth, and face are basically responses to dietary and feeding trends. The earliest humans ate tough plants that called for large jaw muscles and cheek teeth. As a result, their faces were broad and deep. Later, as we began...

Heartening News: 80% of Cardiovascular Disease Is Preventable!


And all you have to do is not smoke; control high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol; exercise regularly; and eat healthy. Easier said than done. According to a recent report from the American Heart Association, 121 million American adults have some form of heart disease. That’s nearly half of the population. After decades of steady decline, deaths rose by almost 4,000 cases...

Want Healthy Posture? Get Your Eyes Checked.


Ever noticed how people with poor eyesight tend to thrust their head forward in order to see or read? With the human adult skull weighing about 10 pounds, that’s a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders and, over time, we can end up like Quasimodo. That’s reason enough to have your eyes checked regularly. A vision plan from your association and AMBA can save you hundreds of dollars...

Grandma Moses: Wise Words from a Master Retiree


Anna Mary Robertson Moses didn’t pick up a brush until she was well into her 70s. While she’s known as the quintessential late bloomer, fame and fortune isn’t the point. Here are a few quotes from her and how they relate to a fulfilling retirement, regardless of whether you end up in Wikipedia: “If I hadn’t started painting, I would have raised chickens.” How...

Lessons Learned from Heart-Healthy Countries


Why do Japan, Korea and France have the world’s lowest rate of heart disease? What are they doing that we Americans don’t? And what are they not doing? Here are some examples: Smaller portions. The Japanese use the phrase “Hara Hachi Bu’ which means 80% full. One hundred percent full will make you feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Fermented foods. These reduce inflammation...

For Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld, Dental Health Is No Joke


To this day, the 1993 Dental Health Advisor poster featuring Jerry Seinfeld continues to grace the walls of many a dental office. Accompanying the big, toothy grin is the quote: “Look Ma, I flossed!” The comedian has a reputation in Hollywood for his meticulous dental habits. According to one colleague, “He flosses so much there are grooves in his thumb.” Today, at 65...

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