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Dentists Have Begun Filling the Need for Diabetes Screenings


Rutgers School of Dental Medicine is proposing a new precedent: for dentists to screen their patients for diabetes. Each year, according to Dean Cecile A. Feldman, 27 million Americans see their dentist but not their primary physician. “Many patients seeking care here are either diabetic or prediabetic but haven’t been diagnosed and don’t know they’re at risk,” she reports. The two...

Health Setbacks Can Be Great Teachers


Most of us would prefer to stay healthy and injury-free throughout our retirement. Life, however, doesn’t always cooperate. Suddenly we’re housebound like Paul Sheldon in the Stephen King novel, Misery, with no choice but to surrender to medical professionals, caretakers and our body’s natural response to treatment and rest. For us type A personalities, recuperation—which...

Eye-Opening Facts About Your Eyes


While humans have gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes for centuries, rarely do we realize how remarkable our eyes actually are. Here are a few facts to inspire awe and appreciation: • The eye’s complexity as an organ is second only to the brain. • Your eyes can distinguish about 10 million colors and 500 shades of grey. • Your eyes can detect a candle flame more than a...

Long-Term Care: A Lesson in Asking for Help


While many of us are good at giving help, asking for it is another story. We think it’s uncool. We’re afraid we’ll appear weak, give up control, or be a burden. None of these assumptions, of course, is true. Here’s the reality: • Asking for help is an act of intelligence. It’s a win-win—for you and for the helpers who live to help people like you. • Control is an...

Don’t Make Assumptions, Especially About Medicare


In The Four Agreements, the popular book by Don Miguel Ruiz, the third agreement is: Don’t make assumptions. “Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want,” he writes. “Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.” Let’s...

Something That Could Raise Your Blood Pressure More Than A Political Argument with Your Meathead Son-In-Law


“Let me ask you, Mr. Bunker. Are you the excitable type?” This question, asked by Archie’s doctor in a scene from the popular 1970s sitcom, All in the Family, has no doubt crossed the minds of countless physicians with patients at risk for high blood pressure. Yes, excitability can certainly be a contributor, but research is revealing other possibilities, starting in the mouth...

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