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Need a Stressbuster? Try Life Insurance.


When we’re younger, life insurance may not be a top priority. But as we age, that perspective changes. Getting life insurance has been found to alleviate stress, with respondents saying knowing their family was financially protected let them enjoy life more. Find out about a policy available from your association and AMBA and reduce your stress. Learn more online or call 866-979-0497.



Who invented the concept of retirement? And why? This article answers those questions, and the key question so many of us ask post-retirement: Now what? As you evolve from your work life to your retired life, finding something that excites and motivates you is crucial. Here’s how.

Why Age When You Can Sage?


Air ambulances aren’t just for people in remote areas. In cities where traffic jams are routine, it might take a chopper or plane to get you to help ASAP. Unfortunately, that one trip to the hospital can be expensive. A policy from MASA can protect you. Learn more at www.AMBAmedtransport.com or call (877)290-3169.

Stop Cleaning Your Eyeglasses Like Grandma


You might have learned the way to clean your glasses was with spit and cloth. But that can scratch your lenses. There are options that are cleaner and safer – by hand or at your local opticians. Learn how to preserve your glasses and why regular optician visits are important to keep your eyes healthy. Get a Vision Plan through your association and AMBA at www.AMBAdentalvision.com or call (866)979...

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