3 Simple Tips To Help You Remember To Floss


It’s one of the best ways to protect our dental health, and it’s frequently the most neglected.

The benefits of flossing are beyond doubt. Flossing can help prevent tooth decay, keep and restore healthy gums, fight plaque buildup, and avoid tartar. There is even evidence that dental health has benefits beyond the confines of your teeth and gums and can help prevent a stroke (learn more here: https://blog.amba.info/interested-in-preventing-a-stroke-see-your-dentist/).

Flossing even has cosmetic benefits. A good analogy would be sweeping a floor. The dirt and dust may not be visible, but after sweeping, the floor appears brighter and shinier. The same applies for your teeth and gums with flossing.

So you know you should floss, it’s just remembering to do so, right? Here are three handy tips to help you make flossing a part of your daily routine:

  • Tie ‘Em Together – Literally

We all remember to brush, right? By wrapping your floss around your toothbrush after each time you brush, you’ll have an immediate reminder to do it.

  • Make Shower Time Floss Time

Whether it’s during your shower or anything else you do on a daily basis, making flossing part of the routine is an ideal way to make sure you keep the daily habit.

  • There’s Always Something There To Remind You

Set a reminder alert with your phone’s calendar app. Tape a Post-It note that says “FLOSS” on your bathroom mirror. Anything that will remind you to floss is a good way to remember to do it!

Taking care of your teeth gets even more important as we age. It is more important than ever to have a dental plan from your association and AMBA. Learn more online at www.AMBAdentalvision.com or call (866)979-0497.

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