An Ode to Opticians


When it comes to vision professionals, we usually put optometrists at the top, and understandably so. They’re the ones with the medical degree, the primary physician for our eyes.

However, eye care wouldn’t be possible without the optician. This specialist ensures your prescription is filled correctly and provides lenses that meet your needs and lifestyle.

And then you need frames. They may seem to be the least important part, but they’re the first accessory people tend to notice. While the optometrist helps you see the world, the optician helps you see yourself, framing your face in the shape, color and style that bring out your best features.

It’s the optician who holds up the mirror—literally and figuratively—so that you’ll like what you see. A great optician is a psychiatrist of sorts, welcoming and accepting you without judgement and encouraging positive self-perception.

And, thankfully, you don’t have to pay what a psychiatrist might charge. A low-cost vision plan from your association and AMBA could help you save hundreds on everything from exams to eyewear. Learn more online or call 866-979-0497.

Need glasses? Your optician will be happy to see you. And vice-versa.

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