Can You Get Covid-19 Again? Experts Say It’s Unlikely.


In early July, a handful of outlying reports appeared in some news publications with alarming headlines that implied immunity to COVID-19 is short-lived. Many people were alarmed by these articles and shared them with friends and family and also posted them across social media. However, the World Health Organization has issued guidance that reassures that this claim is based in worry, not science.

To date, there are no demonstrated cases of reinfection. Epidemiologists widely believe that the cases are from people who had not fully recovered and the virus in their system is still from their initial infection even months later – rather than from an additional, new infection.

Experts believe what happens is a massive immune response conquers the virus with millions of detectable antibodies. The vast number of those antibodies does in fact drop off after they’re no longer needed. This is the same thing that happens with the body’s immune response to other viruses it encounters. The cells that are no longer needed wither and die, and the ones that carry the memory of the virus and that know how to attack and defeat it again retreat into the bone marrow until they are needed.

A drop-off in detectable antibodies does not equal lack of immunity.

Of course, scientists are still learning about COVID-19, so continue to read the latest conclusions in reputable media outlets. Getting information from skilled, reliable sources is important to keep you protected, safe, and reassured.

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Source: https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/immunity-passports-in-the-context-of-covid-19?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7Nj5BRCZARIsABwxDKKZf4PHNPiU_pXZljp8XmnpIaNY4CnygJ0ZMgfMxcuCxyu4kn9h32saAvp-EALw_wcB

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