Can You Trust Your Own Eyes?


Of the five senses, sight is the one many of us rely on most.

Ironically, it’s the least reliable.

Since ancient times, meditators and scientists have studied how we receive and process information to form perceptions, thoughts and emotions. And what they’ve learned about the senses makes perfect sense. The closer the sense object to the sense organ, the more reliable the information. Here are the senses from most to least reliable:

1. Touch

2. Taste

3. Smell

4. Hearing

5. Sight

With touch, your body is both the sense object and sense organ, so it’s very direct. Stub your toe. You’ll find the data very reliable.

With sight, the object can wander so far, it’s not even real. What appears to be a shining star is just leftover light from a rock that died long ago. As they say, appearances can be deceiving. A rope can look like a snake, a stranger like an old friend.

So, if you’re going to rely on your eyes, it’s especially important to keep them healthy and keen. Starting around $10 a month, vision plans through your association and AMBA could save you hundreds on eye care and eyewear.

That’s another sense, known as common sense.

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