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When It Comes to Your Teeth, Looks Aren’t Everything


After seeing endless toothpaste ads and dentistry office posters of patients flashing their pearly whites, we tend to associate great-looking teeth with a healthy mouth. However, according to Ben Aktins of the Oral Health Foundation, straight, white teeth aren’t necessarily healthy. “The natural color of teeth is actually more of a cream color, due to the dentine beneath the enamel,” he...

Dental Care Transforms Substance Abusers: The Proof Is in The Smile


What’s it like to go from living on the streets looking for your next fix to working the front desk at the Mayor’s Office? Ask Destiny Garcia, one of several recovery patients to benefit from dental treatment in a recent three-year study at the University of Utah School of Dentistry. Researchers found that those receiving dental care stayed in treatment about twice as long as those who...

Jaguar Gets Dental Exam: A Lesson for Us All


How do you clean a 144-pound jaguar’s teeth? As the zoo keepers at Zoo Miami can tell you, very carefully. Dr. Jamie A. Berning, one of the nation’s most respected veterinary dentists, gave the nine-year-old male jaguar named Adonia a complete check-up. After a thorough cleaning and several x-rays, she determined that Adonia’s mouth is in excellent condition. Exams like these are part of...

Evolution of The Human Face: We Are What We Chew


When you see your face in the mirror, you’re looking at four million years of dental evolution. A recent study by Arizona State University shows how changes in the jaw, teeth, and face are basically responses to dietary and feeding trends. The earliest humans ate tough plants that called for large jaw muscles and cheek teeth. As a result, their faces were broad and deep. Later, as we began...

For Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld, Dental Health Is No Joke


To this day, the 1993 Dental Health Advisor poster featuring Jerry Seinfeld continues to grace the walls of many a dental office. Accompanying the big, toothy grin is the quote: “Look Ma, I flossed!” The comedian has a reputation in Hollywood for his meticulous dental habits. According to one colleague, “He flosses so much there are grooves in his thumb.” Today, at 65...

Rock Star & Dentist Bring Big Smiles to Island in Need


Each year, musical artist Lenny Kravitz and his dentist, Dr. Jonathan Levine, join forces to light up hundreds of faces on Eleuthera, Kravitz’s home island in the Bahamas. Levine has been Kravitz’s dentist and friend for the past two decades. This year, Levine’s GLO Good Foundation teamed up with Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation to provide free dental care to more than 400 Eleuthera...

Interested in Preventing A Stroke? See Your Dentist.


Regular dental care may help prevent a lot more than tooth decay. A recent study at Tampere University in Finland revealed DNA traces of oral bacteria in blood clots that caused strokes. What defines a stroke? Basically, it’s the disruption of blood supply to the brain. Cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, causing tissue damage and brain function loss. The most common stroke is ischemic...

Those Are Teeth You’re Brushing, Not Tile Grout


Humans have been brushing their teeth with a vengeance since the invention of the toothbrush in 15th century China.  It’s understandable when you consider the enemies: discoloration, trapped spinach, plaque and, as burned into our brains by decades of mouthwash commercials, the germs that cause bad breath. We can’t seem to scrub vigorously enough, foaming at the mouth like...

Bracing yourself: Medicare does not cover your teeth in retirement, but there are solutions.


Healthy teeth can help lead to a healthy life overall. But as many people look at retirement, they realize they will no longer have full dental insurance. That puts your teeth, and health, at greater risk. As your financial matters become a fixed concern in retirement that cannot and should not be avoided, good dental health becomes a cost-saving, whereas bad dental health can be a financial...

Coconut Oil – For Healthy Teeth?


Swishing with coconut oil, also known as oil pulling, might sound like some new health craze. It actually began in India thousands of years ago and is still a daily routine for many. Coconut oil is about 50% lauric acid, the richest known source by far. Shown to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, lauric acid is especially effective against Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus, the two leading...

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