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Living Your Best Life (At Any Age!)


As we get older, staying active and finding things that inspire us becomes more important than ever. Keeping healthy in mind, body, and spirit is the essence of good living!  Here are some ideas on how to improve the quality of your life at any age. Your Best Life Starts With Staying Active All age groups should recognize the importance of staying physically active. It becomes especially...

Life Insurance Can Be The Foundation For Your Financial Future


Life insurance is a topic most people would rather not think about. But planning for the future is important. If something were to happen to you, you would want the assurance that your loved ones are protected and you have a life insurance policy to shield them from financial burdens. There are other, more immediate things that are more appealing to buy than life insurance. But having a life...

Helping Your Family Through the Most Difficult Time: The Importance of Whole Life Insurance


Planning for the future is always important. But there might be no more important time to prepare for than when you’re no longer here. A Whole Life insurance policy will help provide a foundation for your family after you’re gone. Many people remember how difficult it was to arrange for their own parents’ funerals. Feeling the stress about the costs when all they wanted to do was be with their...

This Vacation, Have The Time of Your Life and Protect Your Life


Vacations offer us the opportunity to break with routines and enjoy new adventures. But they can also tempt us to indulge in unhealthy meals, an extra libation or two, and too many late nights. Enjoying yourself to your heart’s content is important, but it’s also important to balance that with heart-healthy choices. We’ve got the tips you need to stay heart-healthy while on vacation. Keeping Your...

The Living Benefits of Whole Life Insurance


If you love someone, owe someone, or someone depends on you financially, you should have life insurance. If you pass away, life insurance can help protect your loved ones by covering final expenses or estate taxes. There are a variety of life insurance options. Whole Life insurance policies have the advantage in that they provide lifelong coverage as long as premiums are paid. What is Whole Life...

Think You Can’t Qualify for a Life Insurance Policy? Think Again!


What do you do if you want to make financial planning preparations for your final expenses but have health or lifestyle issues that make it difficult for you to find a life insurance policy? A guaranteed acceptance Whole Life Insurance Policy might be just what you’re looking for. Even if you have weight issues or smoke, your association and AMBA have the life insurance policy that’s right for...

Life Insurance is Not for You – It’s for Your Family


Odds are at some point you’ve considered buying a life insurance policy. All too often, people figure they’ll get around to it later or assume they won’t be able to qualify due to pre-existing conditions or lifestyle issues. If you recognize phrases like “I don’t need it”, “it’s too expensive”, or “I’ve tired and I don’t qualify”, read on. Financial Considerations You don’t purchase life...

Why Life Insurance is a Must


For many of us, one of the greatest causes of worry is the difficult financial impacts of our final expenses on our loved ones. If your family doesn’t have the funds needed to cover the costs, end of life expenses, like funeral costs, can be overwhelming. There is an alternative to leaving your family having to pay out of pocket for funeral costs. Rising Expenses In 2019, the average funeral cost...

Top 10 Reasons To Get Whole Life Insurance


Like an umbrella, life insurance is one of those things that everyone should have for the inevitable rainy day, but far too few people do. Maybe you think it’s something you’ll get around to and you put off purchasing a policy. Or you’re a smoker or have other health issues that make you believe you can’t qualify. Maybe you’re concerned that rates will go up over time or you’ll be dropped. There...

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