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When It Comes to Medicare, Ignorance is Definitely Not Bliss.


In a recent poll by, about half of the respondents believed that Medicare is free when they turn 65. Not even close. Premiums, deductibles, and copays—with no out-of-pocket maximum—could put a big dent in your retirement savings. “I’d say a full third of people we talk to, who are just starting to do their research, are surprised—even flabbergasted—that they have to pay anything...

Five Ways Life Insurance Keeps Working in Retirement


Maybe the mortgage is nearly paid off, the kids are grown, and you’re thinking there’s no reason to have life insurance. Well, think again. Financial experts are recommending life insurance for the same reasons you had it when you were younger—and then some. Spread the wealth. A life policy is one of the most efficient ways to pass on assets to future generations. There’s no...

A Life Policy Can Keep The IRS From Becoming Your Beneficiary


If you’re retired, life insurance has definite tax-free advantages. Did you know: • Beneficiaries don’t pay taxes on life insurance benefits • You can borrow against policies tax-free Experts warn, however, that you use your policy for supplemental or emergency funding in retirement rather than a primary source of income. Read more…  Ask about life policies through your...

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