Does Your Eye Twitch? That Might Be Eyelid Myokymia.


Eyelid myokymia, or twitching, is caused by involuntary contractions triggered by tiny bundles of nerve fibers in the orbicularis oculi, the muscle that surrounds your eye socket and closes the lids. As irritating as twitching can get, let’s all be thankful that typically only one eye is affected, and the lower lid.

A tic is different because you can suppress it. There’s not much you can do about a twitch. It usually goes away on its own, with no treatment or intervention. If it does persist, a few things you can do include:

• get ample sleep

• drink enough water

• reduce or cut out caffeine

• keep stress to a minimum

If it doesn’t go away quickly, see an eye doctor.

If it does go away, you should still see an eye doctor. Regular eye exams can be a valuable source of insight into your vision and overall health. A vision plan from your association and AMBA can help ensure you see your eye doctor regularly, while saving hundreds on everything from exams to eyewear.

Twitch or no twitch, your eyes are incredible instruments. Take good care of them.



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