Eye-Opening Facts About Your Eyes


While humans have gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes for centuries, rarely do we realize how remarkable our eyes actually are. Here are a few facts to inspire awe and appreciation:

• The eye’s complexity as an organ is second only to the brain.

• Your eyes can distinguish about 10 million colors and 500 shades of grey.

• Your eyes can detect a candle flame more than a mile and a half away.

• 80% of all learning comes through the eyes.

• Your iris, the colored part of your eye, has 256 unique characteristics (your fingerprint has 40).

• The eye contracts in less than 1/100th of a second, more quickly than any muscle in the body.

• Eye muscles are the most active in the body—and 100 times stronger than necessary to perform their function. 

Your eyes are too amazing to take for granted. Get them checked regularly by a licensed eye doctor. With vision coverage from your association and AMBA, you could save hundreds on everything from exams to eyewear.

A scallop has up to 100 eyes, but you have only two. Take care of them.




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