Eyes Are The Prize: Maintaining Eye Health After 50


Maybe you noticed it when you were reading a menu at a restaurant. Or when you were reading a book or a newspaper. Suddenly, you’re holding reading material further away to see it. As we age, maintaining our eye health becomes increasingly important. Vision issues commonly begin to develop for adults between their mid-40’s and early 50’s. Prescription glasses and contact lenses help. But can you can do more? Absolutely.

  1. Your eyes have muscles. So daily exercises can help keep them in good shape. To help keep your eyes sharp, hold a pen at arm’s length and focus on it. Slowly move the pen closer til it’s six inches away from your nose. Also move the pen side to side, and without turning your head, keep your sight on the pen. Repeat ten times.
  2. A full night’s sleep is good for your entire body – including your eyes. When your body gets enough rest, your eyes become renewed. If you can squeeze a mid-day nap in, even better!
  3. Can’t fit in a full nap? Closing your eyes for just a few minutes also has benefits. Especially if you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen or reading, a short break will reward your focus – both mentally and visually.
  4. Diet also plays a vital role. Foods rich in vitamin A, C, E, copper, and zinc are excellent sources of nutrients for our eyes. These foods include eggs, carrots, dark leafy greens, and sweet potatoes. Fish like salmon and cod are replete with DHA, a fatty acid that has been proven helpful for eye health.

Regular visits with your eye doctor are also important. Eye exams can provide early diagnosis of problems before they become severe. You may have difficulty getting into your eye doctor’s office for a routine exam currently. If so, try to schedule far in advance to make sure it’s on your calendar. 

Your eye health is an essential part of your overall health. A vision insurance plan from your association and AMBA are more important than ever. Learn more online at http://www.ambadentalvision.com/ or call (866)979-0497 and find out how you can help keep your eyes healthy while saving hundreds on exams, eyeglasses, and contacts.

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