Finding The Balance: Returning To Normal, Safely


As excited as we are for restaurants, salons, and other businesses to reopen, it’s still important to take steps to protect yourself and others around you. We all want our normal routines to resume just as they were before social distancing measures were put in place. But in order to stay safe, normal life will have to accommodate the new normal, at least for now. Below are some options and simple guidelines.

Keep Social Distancing

Many people have been pleasantly surprised with staying at home more. If going to a restaurant is going to cause you more anxiety than enjoyment, you can continue the adjustments you’ve made in the last few months. You may have even found you’ve saved a great deal from your normal monthly expenses. Why not keep saving that money? More peace of mind and a larger purse are win-win!

If you do go out, consider wearing a mask, for yourself, and for others. Asymptomatic people can still transmit the virus. Think of it as the new shaking hands. Nothing is more courteous or a greater sign of respect than to take a minor inconvenience to ensure others around you stay safe!

The more steps you take to limit your exposure to the virus, the less chance you have of catching it. When you go out, maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others and limit the amount of time spent in public places. For instance, when you go shopping, have your list ready ahead of time so you can get what you need faster. Likewise, if you’re picking something up, use the drive-thu window or call when you arrive to see if someone can bring your order out to your car.

Also, seek out businesses that have strong precautions in place such as: 

  • Touchless infrared thermometer for daily temperature checks of each employee and customer. Anyone with a temperature above 99°F should be sent home immediately.
  • Asking each client entering the shop if they have a cough or fever.
  • Limiting the number of people in the shop and maintaining social distancing at all times. People should be at least six feet apart. Additional spacing between restaurant tables as well as physical dividers or shields are also good.
  • Personal Protective Gear: mask, gloves, etc. Employees should change gloves between each customer and wash hands frequently.
  • All areas should be regularly cleaned and disinfected: reception, bathrooms, kitchens, workstations.

These are just a few small measures. In the big picture, these minor inconveniences can have big results for your and your community’s health.

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