For Funnyman Jerry Seinfeld, Dental Health Is No Joke


To this day, the 1993 Dental Health Advisor poster featuring Jerry Seinfeld continues to grace the walls of many a dental office. Accompanying the big, toothy grin is the quote: “Look Ma, I flossed!”

The comedian has a reputation in Hollywood for his meticulous dental habits. According to one colleague, “He flosses so much there are grooves in his thumb.”

Today, at 65, Seinfeld is having the last laugh as others are experiencing dental issues that so often come with age.

“Being a comedian and making a living with my mouth, I want it to be clean before I go on stage,” he says. “It’s like being a piano player and having dirt under your fingernails. It’s distracting to what you’re doing.”

A long-time meditator, Seinfeld derives an added benefit when he brushes, using the time to practice mindfulness. “It’s a moment to take a breath in life, to stop racing from thing to thing.”

The American Dental Association couldn’t agree more. In fact, they recommend brushing for two full minutes. Use a soft-bristle brush with a gentle up-and-down motion except on the chewing surfaces where you can brush side to side.

As they say, prevention is the best cure, so see your dentist regularly. A dental policy from your association and AMBA can mean significant savings on everything from routine exams to costly procedures.

Ultimately, however, your oral health is literally in your own hands. As Seinfeld says, “Brushing and flossing are the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of dental hygiene.

“Except I don’t like flavored floss,” he adds. “You want flavor, eat.”

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