Giving Your Family Peace of Mind Doesn’t Need To Be A Headache: Life Insurance On Your Terms


When Stew decided to shop for a life insurance policy, he had good reason to be confident he’d find something relatively easily. “My criteria was simple: I wanted a policy that had reasonable premiums and that can’t cancel me for any reason as long as the premium is paid.” He had no underlying health issues, his doctor was always pleased with his annual checkups, and, thanks to daily bike rides with his wife and fishing on weekends with his sons-in-law, he maintained a lifestyle that was physically active. But to his surprise, he got turned down from one, and then another, and another. The issue? His weight. Stew had maintained the same weight since his 30s, but he couldn’t find a policy that would take him.

When he discussed the issue with another retired colleague, Charlotte, she told him she also initially had been turned down from coverage because she was a smoker. But she had found a great solution: The Whole Life Policy. Stew liked what she told him right away: no health requirements, no fluctuating premiums, no cancellations for any reason. It was perfect: a pre-approved policy with locked-in rates. Even better, it came with a no obligation 60-day return policy.

The Whole Life Policy provides financial support, but it also has other great benefits. You can leave a gift for children or grandchildren, or a favorite charity or cause. Plus, if you already have life insurance but the policy hasn’t kept pace with inflation, The Whole Life Policy can provide a key supplement.

Learn more about a Whole Life Policy at http://www.AMBAlifeinsurance.com or call 877-290-3172.

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