Grandma Moses: Wise Words from a Master Retiree


Anna Mary Robertson Moses didn’t pick up a brush until she was well into her 70s. While she’s known as the quintessential late bloomer, fame and fortune isn’t the point. Here are a few quotes from her and how they relate to a fulfilling retirement, regardless of whether you end up in Wikipedia:

“If I hadn’t started painting, I would have raised chickens.” How often do we not even try because we’re afraid to fail? Retirement is the perfect opportunity to fall flat on your face—or transform your life. What do you have to lose?

“Painting’s not important. The important thing is keeping busy.” Have you ever looked at the clock (or the sun going down) and realized that several hours just flew by? What activity makes time disappear for you?

“Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be.” Retirement need not be set in stone, with everything all planned out. You can start over at any point. You have as much say-so about your life today as you did in your twenties.

“I look back on my life like a good day’s work. It was done and I am satisfied with it.” Don’t pressure yourself to contribute to society and your family the way you used to. You’ve done plenty. Acknowledge your accomplishments and be content.

However you choose to spend your retirement, supplemental policies from your association and AMBA can help you keep living life your way. What does that look like for you? Try this approach from Grandma Moses:

“When I get ready to paint, I just close my eyes and imagine a scene.” What does your ideal retirement look like? Sound like? Smell like? If you can picture it, you can make it so. And you don’t need a brush, just a little imagination.

Source: https://www.successories.com/iquote/author/12600/grandma-moses-quotes/1

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