How to Avoid the Dreaded Surprise Ambulance Bill


Emergency medical personnel call it the golden hour: the first 60 minutes following a trauma, when it’s most possible to save your life.

This explains why air ambulances aren’t just for residents or visitors of remote areas. In cities where traffic jams are routine, it might take a chopper or plane to get you there within the golden hour.

Unfortunately, however, that one trip to the hospital could land you in the poorhouse.

According to a recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the average air ambulance bill is about $36,400 by helicopter and $40,600 by airplane. Typically, Medicare covers a relatively small percentage of medical emergency transport. Even a ground ambulance could cost you thousands out of pocket.

You may receive a surprise medical bill from the ambulance company. In a recent national study published in Health Affairs, 51% of ambulance rides were out of network, making ambulance bills the most common type of surprise medical bills. 

As people are becoming aware of how expensive these rides can be, many avoid calling 911 in life-threatening situations. Some are even calling Uber.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Medical Air Services Association (MASA) covers best-in-class emergency air and ground transport 24/7 from home or anywhere in the world, plus transportation of vehicles, children, grandchildren, and even pets at no additional cost. Ask an AMBA agent about an emergency transport policy endorsed by your association. With MASA, there are no premiums, deductibles or other hassles. Pay once and you’re covered.

The only surprise is how easy it is.




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