Interested in Preventing A Stroke? See Your Dentist.


Regular dental care may help prevent a lot more than tooth decay.

A recent study at Tampere University in Finland revealed DNA traces of oral bacteria in blood clots that caused strokes.

What defines a stroke? Basically, it’s the disruption of blood supply to the brain. Cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, causing tissue damage and brain function loss. The most common stroke is ischemic, when a clot restricts blood flow in an artery to the brain. This is the type of stroke being linked to oral bacteria.

Researchers found that these bacteria can activate blood platelets, whose function is to clot blood in order to stop bleeding. Too much clotting, however, can trigger a stroke.

“Regular dental care should be emphasized in the primary prevention of acute ischemic stroke,” the authors of the study conclude.

A dental plan from your association and AMBA can help keep your mouth healthy while a stroke policy could cover expenses Medicare doesn’t.

Your mouth will thank you. As may your brain.

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