A Teacher’s Heart Never Retires: Many Find Meaning Through New Opportunities


Once a teacher…

After years of serving in a public school, retirement can be bittersweet. There are things you probably won’t miss: lack of supplies, weekends spent grading, the 1952 coffee maker in the teacher’s lounge…the list goes on. Maybe you were able to find some comic relief by doing your best Rodney Dangerfield: “I don’t get no respect!”

But then there’s the reason you became a teacher in the first place: the spark of understanding in a student’s eyes, a heartfelt note from a parent whose child you inspired, and sometimes that perfectly timed, much-needed hallway nod of encouragement from a fellow teacher affirming that your chosen work is, in fact, terribly important.

…Always a teacher.

After 30 years of teaching, Velma now gives history lessons in a one-room schoolhouse on her family’s California ranch. Converted in 1870 from an apple barn, the school has been restored with original desks, an old woodstove, a shelf of lunch pails, books dating back to1845, a 1904 diploma, a belfry, and even an outhouse. 

Velma gives tours to local schoolchildren and other groups about what school was like in the good old days. Kids ring the bell, recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing “Good Morning to You” as they did long ago. She tells the history of the school, gives a short sample lesson and shows how to use the old Victrola.

Follow your heart.

As you write the next chapter of your life, your association can provide meaningful volunteer opportunities, social interaction with peers, and the support you need in retirement such as pension defense and supplemental insurance. Your association gives retired educators and other public workers expert advice— and all the respect you deserve. Take advantage of your retiree association and all the opportunities it provides.

SOURCE: https://www.rd.com/culture/retired-teacher-old-schoolhouse/

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