Is The New Ultratooth The Ultimate in Dentistry?


For as long as she can remember, Desiree hid her smile.

“A few years ago, my best friend posted photos on Facebook from her 50th birthday party, and I saw my smile and I was just so embarrassed,” Caputo shared.

Aesthetics weren’t her only dental problems. “”For years there were gaps in my teeth, they were loose, and my gums were always getting infected,” she shared.

Her dentist sent her to a specialist who suggested a lengthy and painful plan to extract four teeth, do a bone graft, put in temporary teeth, and, finally, implants. That process would take more than year. “Coincidentally, another friend’s husband had endured the same procedure, and he had SO many problems. Constant appointments, several infections where they had to remove the bone graft and start again, and…no. Not my idea of a good time!” she laughs.

The dental community has recognized the problems and setbacks inherent with this approach for decades. “Teeth are like the firmament for the entire mouth. As soon as you take teeth out, everything else – the socket, the gum, the bone that was there…it all begins crumbling,” says Dr. Matthews, DDE.

A new innovation may soon change all that: the Ultratooth. “This is a gamechanger. The idea is, if you have a new tooth that’s ready for immediate, normal use, you just put it in, and then you won’t risk damage, infection or pain to the gum and bone. One and done!”

The Ultratooth is designed to be stronger than natural teeth. It also will not decay, nor is it as susceptible to gum disease. Just like with fillings, patients don’t need to schedule a follow-up visit. The tooth should last a lifetime. “It cost me about the same as a bridge. Compared to the time and money the other procedure would have cost? No comparison!” says Desiree.

And as for limitations on what you can eat with it? “I went home and immediately bit into an apple. No pain, no problem!” she laughs.

“It feels so good to be able to laugh and not feel self-conscious about my teeth. The other day I was at the supermarket and a nice young man said I had a very pretty smile. I said, ‘Wow! I’ve never heard that before!’”

The Ultratooth might be the perfect solution for some people. However, good dental insurance is ultra-smart for everyone. Find out more about a dental plan available to you through your association and AMBA. Lean more online at www.AMBAdentalvision.com or call (866)979-0497.

Source: https://us.dental-tribune.com/news/ultratooth-one-visit-one-hour-new-tooth/

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