Is the Pandemic Ruining Your Oral Health?


We’ve all talked with friends how the pandemic and social distancing has affected our mental health. But dentists are now reporting increasing evidence that the curtailment of normal office visits is having an adverse effect on our dental health.

Many dentists are reporting that, even though they’ve treated fewer patients this past summer compared with last year, they’ve treated twice as many broken teeth. They are also reporting more instances of gum disease.

This trend is particularly concerning because of the nature of dental problems. With dentistry, as time goes on, dental fixes usually become more expensive, damage more permanent. For example, an unfilled cavity left unfilled can lead to a root canal. Inflammation of the gums without professional care can lead to gum disease. By delaying visits to the dentist, you may be putting yourself on the path to an inevitable trip to the endodontist or oral surgeon.

Dentists believe that there are a number of reasons for the upward trend in patients’ dental problems. These could include:

  • Forgetting to brush and floss, as good habits are neglected and social outings decline.
  • Grinding teeth as a result of stress, especially while sleeping.
  • Delaying going to the dentist for tooth pain, hoping it will go away.
  • Putting off routine cleanings

Dentists stress the importance of getting routine cleanings. Through their training and equipment like X-Ray machines, dentists can see issues in our mouths and take care of them before they become much bigger problems.

Dentists are doing everything they can to keep their practices safe during the pandemic. Though they can’t eliminate all risk, dentists have taken many steps to minimize the chances of spreading the coronavirus, including limiting time in the waiting room, making sure all staff members remain masked at all times, and regular sanitization of their offices.

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