Need a Stressbuster? Try Life Insurance.


If you’re looking to reduce stress, a stress ball might give you temporary relief.

However, more than 194,000,000 Americans have discovered a much more effective and longer lasting remedy:

Life insurance.

In a recent survey by Life Happens, 78% of respondents said that finding ways to reduce financial stress was a top priority for them. And 69% of those with life insurance said they were less stressed knowing their family was financially protected. Other findings include:

• 65% of people with life insurance said they’re able enjoy life more knowing their loved ones were financially protected with life insurance.

• 62% said that feeling financially secure added a great deal of meaning to their life.

• Respondents found financial security to be more meaningful than being in love or owning a home.

How can a life policy available from your association and AMBA reduce your stress in retirement?

In the meantime, don’t rely on a stress ball; a study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that they don’t do much.

Learn more about life insurance available through your association. Call 877-290-3173 or visit AMBAlifeinsurance.com

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