New High-Tech Floss Puts the Fun in Dental Hygiene


Flossing has come a long way since 1815.

That’s when Levi Spear Parmly, a New Orleans dentist, recommended running a thread “through the interstices of the teeth, between their necks and the arches of the gum, to dislodge that irritating matter which no brush can remove and which is the real source of disease.”

In 1898, Johnson & Johnson patented the product with material made from the same silk material used for stitches. The next major development occurred in the 1940s when nylon, which doesn’t shred as easily, replaced silk and was made available in waxed and dental tape. A few decades later came mint and other flavors, and that seemed about as far as floss could go.

Until now.

An LA-based company called Burst has burst onto the scene with a mint/eucalyptus-flavored, charcoal-coated floss that expands between your teeth. It’s designed to remove more plaque, which you can see more easily because of the black coloring vs. traditional white floss. The charcoal kills bacteria naturally while removing coffee, wine and other stubborn stains. The product comes in a reusable case for replacement bobbins that can be delivered to your door, which means less plastic for the environment.

If it gets you to floss more often—and more effectively—it might be worth a try. As they say, prevention is the best cure. Whatever floss you use, dental coverage from your association and AMBA will encourage you to see your dentist regularly and save on everything from routine visits to expensive procedures. Learn more online or call 866-979-0497.

Stay tuned for the next breakthrough in preventative dentistry…



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