One Airlift Could Take Your Savings For A Wild Ride


For Derek Beres, it started as a fun Saturday with his grandson. They were racing his ATV along the Red River in Texas. The weather was perfect, the trail wasn’t too crowded. Then suddenly, while scooting around a corner, the vehicle tilted on its side and the ATV toppled over. He knew his left arm was severely injured, but didn’t realize the extent of the damage until the hospital at Wichita Falls declared, in order to save the arm, he required immediate helicopter transport to a Fort Worth trauma center more than 100 miles away.

Woozy from painkillers, Beres managed to ask how much the ride would cost. The doctors took his grandson aside and said, ‘He needs to stop asking questions and get on that helicopter.’”

The good news? After two operations, the arm was saved. That rapid transport to a trauma center equipped with the equipment and specialists made all the difference. The bad news? Beres bill for the air ambulance ride – even after insurance – was more than $40,000.

Even a ground ambulance ride can be expensive. Air ambulances are significantly more because they require a crew that is even more highly trained, and only the most seriously injured or sickest patients require air transport. The advantage of rapid transport can help save an arm, or a life. Beres is reminded of this every time he holds his infant granddaughter in one arm and hands her a favorite doll with the other.

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