Prepare for the worst.

For many retirees, that’s been the mindset since Americans started retiring in 1935.

It’s time for a new mindset. Instead of preparing for the worst, what if you did the opposite?

Prepare for the best!

The purpose of supplemental insurance, for example, isn’t for you to worry about your teeth, your blood pressure and 20 million other things.

The purpose is to NOT worry. To stop worrying and start living. Sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. Many of us have gotten really good at worrying. We’ve had years of practice. We’ve become worrying experts.

A shift in perspective can change how you experience retirement. Here are a few ways to help make your golden years truly golden.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

What do you want most in retirement? Be specific. What’s the absolute best-case scenario? Can you see it? What does it look like? What does it sound like? Smell like? Taste like?

Most importantly, what does it feel like? Where in your body do you feel it? Focus on the feeling. Make it a cellular memory and feel the feeling as often as possible.

Surround yourself with beauty.

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to stop and smell the roses. Do you like the smell? Buy yourself a dozen.

Play music that makes your spine tingle.

Fill a bowl with your favorite fruit.

Beautify every place you go. Hang something from your rearview mirror that reminds you of the person you love most in the world.

Write your acceptance speech.

Sound a little eccentric? Give it a try.

Announce the fulfillment of your dream as if it’s a done deal. Write down all the details you can envision. Thank a bunch of people for their support.

Then deliver your speech to whatever audience you can get. It could be your cats.

Get what you need.

This is actually a good place to start.

Let’s say you need milk. Or socks. Or dental coverage. What should you do?

Get it!

It’s hard to get what you want until you have what you need.

Once you do, the best is yet to come, so be prepared!

Prepare for the best.

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