Retirement Security, Even In A Volatile Market


Along with other worries and concerns the COVID-19 pandemic caused, the recent dip in the financial markets has made many of us wonder what we should do next and if we should reconsider our budgets and investments. If you’re nearing or are retired, these are important questions to solve.

Do The Math

Making a list of your spending habits is an essential first step. Getting a clear picture of where you typically spend your monthly budget will help you make effective adjustments. For example, if you previously spent a good portion of your monthly budget on dining out or new clothes, circumstances now allow you to cut back. Even one or two more home cooked meals each week can quickly add up in large savings.

Rely On The Most Reliable

It’s not just what you’re spending, it’s also from where you’re spending it. Make a list of all of your savings and sources of income. Use the source that is the most stable for your budget. For example, the more you can base your budget around your salary or Social Security income, the less you will have to consider withdrawals from your retirement accounts or having to sell assets.

And Speaking of Reliable Sources of Income…

Annuities are excellent investments and sources of income. With a Fixed Index Annuity, your income is locked in with a guaranteed competitive interest rate, multiple payout options, and even a nursing home waiver.  If you want the assurance that your retirement plans never get jolted by sudden changes in the stock market, AMBA can help find the right annuity for you. Call AMBA at 1-866-684-5267 or click to request a free Benefits Review.

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