Seeing Things In A New Way: Exciting Innovations For People Who Are Color Blind


It’s hard to believe the songwriter who wrote the hit “Fields of Gold” and told Roxanne not to “put on the red light” is color blind. Sting, the acclaimed artist and former front man of The Police, remembers teachers reprimanding him for painting purple skies or brown grass. “But that’s what it looks like to me!” the future singer would respond.

But there are exciting advances on the horizon for the 13 million people in the United States who live with this genetic condition. People who are color blind have varying degrees of difficulty distinguishing some colors. The difficulty can be frustrating – for example, being able to tell if a banana is ripe – to potentially hazardous: some color blind people can’t tell the difference between the colors at a stoplight.

There are already sunglasses on the market that can help. But now engineers are developing a new contact lens that is promising to be nothing short of revolutionary.

Not only will this give people who prefer contact lenses over eyewear a new option, these contact lenses can be customized for a range of visual impairments. Imagine how exciting it will be for many people, including Sting, to finally be able to see the range of colors in nature or appreciate art in a whole new way.

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