Should You Switch From Contact Lenses to Glasses in the Age of Covid-19?


“Contact Tracing” is an important measure that can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “Contactless Pick-Up” can also keep you safe. Here’s another way to help stay safe: “Rethink Wearing Contact Lenses.”

Experts report that switching from your contact lenses to glasses is worth considering, both for the risks of wearing contacts, and the protection that glasses can provide.

The Risk of Wearing Contacts

Health officials warn against touching your eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent contracting the illness. From changing lenses in the morning to removing them at night, people who wear contact lenses touch their eyes more than the average person.

If you choose to continue to wear your contacts, experts recommend following proper hygiene procedures, especially washing your hands thoroughly before handling.

The Benefits of Eyeglasses

But switching to glasses during the global COVID-19 pandemic can provide some key benefits. Switching to glasses greatly reduces the need for you to touch your eyes as well, as well as common irritation to your eyes that contacts can cause. Plus, substituting glasses for lenses can serve as a barrier to force you to pause before touching your eye.

Want even more benefits? Glasses — even sunglasses — can provide some protection to your eyes from infected droplets that a sick person might spray when coughing, sneezing or talking (though if you want full protection for your eye area, safety goggles are definitely best).

If you do wear glasses, make sure you’re cleaning your lenses with a tissue rather than your fingers.

These are just some examples of how eye health is a measure towards your overall health. That’s why making sure you have a Vision Plan through your association and AMBA is so important. Learn about Vision Plans available to you as a member at www.AMBAdentalvision.com or call 877-556-4578.

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