Spend Quality (Virtual) Time With The Grandkids


It might seem strange, but social distancing has helped bring us all closer together. Many families are now spending more time together than ever, speaking or video-chatting together every day. This is great news for those of us with grandchildren. Here are some ideas to spend some quality time with the family…even if via video chat.

  • Let’s Get Cookin’!

Just because you’re not there to hand them the spatula and mixing bowl doesn’t mean you can’t start handing down some of your best recipes. Set up a time to teach your grandkids some cooking tips and tell them in advance all the ingredients they’ll need. Walk them step-by-step through the recipe, as they update you on what’s happening in their life. (One fun suggestion: Ask them to decorate cookies with icing that spells out a special message just for you.)

  • Play Time!

Here’s an idea even better than another night of watching Netflix: Ask the children to write a script and put on a play for you over video chat. Not only will this be entertaining for the whole family, it will be engaging for the kiddos and help boost their creative talents. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!

  • Share Your Stories

Another great way to bond is to read books together via phone or video chat. Alternate between newer books like Harry Potter or Kingdom Keepers and a few classics like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Alternate who does the reading too.

  • Give Them A Clue

Text your grandchild a secret message for them to decode. This could be a riddle, an anagram, or assignments for a scavenger hunt (get their parents to hide items in advance).

  • Become A Gamer

There are lots of online games for all ages you can play together. Plus, a board game can be shared via video chat.

Remember, the important thing is spending quality time with your family. Take advantage of these unique and creative ways you and your loved ones can keep connected and create some wonderful memories. You’ll all be a little happier and have peace of mind you’re all okay.

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