Stop Cleaning Your Eyeglasses Like Grandma


She might have known how to milk a cow. 

Or even cure the common cold. 

However, using spit and the corner of her apron was not a skillful way to clean her glasses. According to Mark Agnew, founder and CEO of Eyeglasses.com, improper cleaning is how most lenses and frames get scratched.

“Cleaning eyeglasses is best done with warm soapy water,” he advises. “If you clean just the lenses, the dirt and facial oils from the frame will eventually find their way to the lenses. You can also take your glasses to a local optical store, which has a machine for cleaning frames. However, if your frame has any inlaid gems, you should not have them cleaned by machine, only by hand.”

If you want to avoid scratches, follow these instructions:

• Hold the frames under warm running water. 

• Get your fingers soapy and gently rub the lenses and the frame. 

• You can use lens cleaner from a small spray bottle if it’s more convenient, but the soapy water method is more effective.

• Use a soft, clean cloth, preferably microfiber. If that’s not available, use a clean cotton cloth. If that’s not handy, you can use a tissue, toilet paper, or a paper towel.

• Dab dry GENTLY. Most scratches come from rubbing too hard. Lightly dab the cloth on the lens until it’s dry.

Another way to help reduce wear and tear is having an extra pair of glasses. This was rare in Grandma’s day—and still is. “Even though eyeglasses are more visible than anything else you wear, most people have only one pair,” Agnew points out. 

Cost is often a factor. Fortunately, vision insurance from your association and AMBA can help you save on eyewear as well as exams. As Agnew says, “Regardless of your age or your physical health, a routine eye test is important for general health maintenance—even if you don’t think you need vision correction with glasses. Optometrists or ophthalmologists will check your eyes for eye diseases and other problems that could lead to vision loss.” 

So don’t be old-fashioned when it comes to your eyes. No offense, Grandma.

Source: Eyeglasses Buying Guide: How to Buy Eyeglasses and Sunglasses—Pay Less and Get More by Mark Agnew (Tryiton Eyewear, LLC, 2018)

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