Strength in Numbers: How Your Association Membership Benefits You


For many people, retirement is surprisingly one of the most stressful times in their entire lives. The sudden transition from a day filled with tasks working alongside peers to a life of leisure can be jarring and isolating.

The good news: there’s a group of people with a similar background to you who are eager to have you join them (if you haven’t already). Your association!

Whether you’re an active worker or retired, whether your membership has lapsed or you’re considering joining for the first time, your association membership can benefit your wellbeing and provide the support you need to live strong now and in years to come.

There are many advantages only available to members. Perks can include:

•   Pension Defense: Your association fights on your behalf to protect your retirement income and heard-earned pension so you can enjoy your retirement.

•   Access To Benefits: Get the insurance you need – everything from Long-Term Care to Dental Insurance to Cancer & Heart coverage.

 – at group rates!

•   Social Opportunities: Your association provides many opportunities to rub elbows with other peers. Everything from association meetings to volunteering opportunities to group travel.

  • Discounts: save on travel, electronics, restaurants, car rental, and more!

Whether you’re renewing your membership or joining your association for the first time, there’s no reason to go it alone. Join the group! Visit your association’s website to learn about membership options and to join today or call 877-514-0660.

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