Shorten The Risk of Getting Long In the Tooth: How To Treat Gum Recession


We have all heard the phrase “getting long in the tooth”. Though it originated as a folksy way to indicate you can tell a horse’s age by looking at their teeth, it can also be applied to humans, and a way of describing recession of the gums. Maybe you first notice it when looking in the mirror while brushing of flossing. Or you take a new profile pic for social media and your smile looks...

Tired of Drill and Fill? A Faster, Cheaper, and Painless Alternative For Cavities.


In 2018, the then-president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry said that, aside from fluoridated water, a topical cavity fighter which has already been used in other countries for decades, “may be the single greatest innovation in pediatric dental health in the last century.” Silver diamine fluoride is a liquid that can be painted on teeth to stop decay. Fast, low-cost and pain...

Is the Pandemic Ruining Your Oral Health?


We’ve all talked with friends how the pandemic and social distancing has affected our mental health. But dentists are now reporting increasing evidence that the curtailment of normal office visits is having an adverse effect on our dental health. Many dentists are reporting that, even though they’ve treated fewer patients this past summer compared with last year, they’ve treated twice as many...

Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast?


We all know the dental community recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day. But what about when to brush in the morning, before or after breakfast? Many people who brush after breakfast say they prefer it because they want to avoid the unpleasant flavor that occurs when you drink orange juice after brushing with minty toothpaste and it clears debris left over from their meal and...

Ignore Your Gums And They’ll Go Away


Maybe your first sign of the problem was tooth sensitivity. Maybe you noticed a tooth looks longer than normal. Most people are unaware the issue even exists because it occurs so gradually. But gum recession is not something you want to ignore. Gum recession is the process in which the gum tissue surrounding your teeth wears away, or pulls back, exposing more of the tooth and/or its...

3 Simple Tips To Help You Remember To Floss


It’s one of the best ways to protect our dental health, and it’s frequently the most neglected. The benefits of flossing are beyond doubt. Flossing can help prevent tooth decay, keep and restore healthy gums, fight plaque buildup, and avoid tartar. There is even evidence that dental health has benefits beyond the confines of your teeth and gums and can help prevent a stroke (learn more here: )...

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