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Why You Should Keep Tailoring Your Health Coverage


“The only sensible person is my tailor. He measures me anew each time he sees me.” —George Bernard Shaw Medical coverage is not one size fits all. Your age, state of health, lifestyle, geographic location and financial situation are some of the factors involved in deciding which supplemental policies you might need to fill in the gaps, since Medicare doesn’t pay for premiums...

When It Comes to Heart Health, Heredity Is Only Half the Story


While 50% of cardiovascular disease is genetic, you can still lower your risk even if you have a family history of cardiovascular disease. “You can greatly reduce a high genetic risk or greatly worsen a low genetic risk,” says Dr. Eugenia Gianos, director of Women’s Heart Health at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York “Your fate lies largely in your hands.” According to a recent report from the...

Attention Women Retirees: Educate Yourself!


According to a Financial Wellness Census, only about a third of women know what to expect for retirement income. What’s even more disconcerting, less than half are confident they’ll have enough money to last through retirement. Here are a few basic suggestions to get started: • Figure out your social security. Then you can determine how much additional income you’ll need. •...

Teacher Slapped With $40,000 Air Ambulance Bill: A Lesson in Coverage


When your child’s life is in danger, the last thing on your mind is whether your insurance will cover the cost of the ambulance. Joseph Penrod, an Assistant Professor at Virginia Community College in Lynchburg, learned this the hard way when his son accidentally swallowed prescription pills earlier this year. He and his wife didn’t think twice about giving the go-ahead to airlift...

How to Detect a Stroke FAST


According to the American Stroke Association, patients who arrive at the emergency room within three hours of their first symptoms often have less disability three months after a stroke than those whose treatment is delayed. However, according to a recent survey, only 38% were aware of all the major symptoms and knew to call 911 when someone was having a stroke. How do you know if...

This Is Not Your Parents’ Retirement


Remember when gold watches marked the beginning of prosperous retirements? Times have changed, to put it mildly. In 1950, only about 8% of Americans were 65 or older. Today it’s nearly 17%, and by 2050, the projection is 22%. But that’s not the problem. Only about 40% of workers have a retirement plan that employers contribute to, and less than 40% are regularly putting aside money...

“Stroke of Insight” Brain Scientist Awarded Indiana’s Highest Civilian Honor


Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s massive stroke at age 37 changed everything. Including how we think about brain recovery. In 1996, Taylor was living the dream, studying neuroanatomy at Harvard. A stroke was the last thing she expected. “I’m a busy woman!” she recalls thinking. “I don’t have time for a stroke!” During her eight years of recovery, she became her...

Retirement Planning: Take The First Small Dip Now


Planning for your retirement can be loaded with questions, concerns, anticipation and even excitement. But just as is the case with other major life plans, it’s best done understanding all the available options and, if possible, having a road map to get where you want to be. And chances are good that you’ll need to make minor adjustments along the way, but AMBA and your association...

Now They Can Detect Diabetes Just By Looking You In The Eye


Comprehensive eye exams are revealing a lot more than outdated lens prescriptions. Early signs of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer and MS are being detected by eye doctors everywhere. A study by Human Capital Management Services Group found that eye doctors detected signs of certain chronic conditions before any other healthcare provider—65% of the time for high...

Ultimate Choppers: A Dental Plan To Keep and Show Off Your Pearly Whites


Maintaining the health of your teeth is not just about which toothpaste is best for you or which toothbrush to choose. (But do always go with soft bristles!) Doctors and dentists are finding more and more evidence that taking care of oral health during retirement years can be as important as maintaining any other part of the body. In addition, statistics show that today’s baby boomers could...

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