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Proper Preparation Makes Recommended Recovery Easier: The Importance Of Home Health Care


Whether you’re a parent or have mentored and supervised others in your career, you’ve spent a significant part of your adult life looking after and caring for others. From preparing those you supervised for the unexpected to being sure your own kids put on a helmet or protective padding before heading out to the skatepark, your focus has always been to look out for others and make sure they were...

The Grass Is Greener (and Taken Care Of For You!) On The Other Side: Considering The Benefits of Independent Living


Imagine no more yardwork or routine house maintenance. A housing community filled with peers and new friends. And wonderful amenities right at your doorstep like a pool, on-site gym, and special events. Learn more about Independent Living, the housing arrangement designed exclusively for older adults that can help make your retirement easier, more convenient, and more fun!

Staying Home? Be Sure To Avoid At-Home Injuries.


In this time of many of us staying at home and only leaving for essentials like groceries, it’s important to know the most common accidents that occur in the home, and how to prevent or treat them. The most common accidents are trips and falls. Keep the house clean and make sure that there are no objects on the floor, and that electrical or phone cords are safely out of the way of your footpath...

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