The Best Thing A Retired Teacher Can Do? Keep Teaching!


It’s no secret many of us went into teaching because we have a passion for education. That love for helping children never goes away, even after retirement, and especially during the nationwide shutdown due to COVID-19. Many retired teachers are becoming online mentors to students. Their motivation is the same purpose that brought them to the field. That renewed spark, paired with decades of...

How to Detect a Stroke FAST


According to the American Stroke Association, patients who arrive at the emergency room within three hours of their first symptoms often have less disability three months after a stroke than those whose treatment is delayed. However, according to a recent survey, only 38% were aware of all the major symptoms and knew to call 911 when someone was having a stroke. How do you know if...

Bracing yourself: Medicare does not cover your teeth in retirement, but there are solutions.


Healthy teeth can help lead to a healthy life overall. But as many people look at retirement, they realize they will no longer have full dental insurance. That puts your teeth, and health, at greater risk. As your financial matters become a fixed concern in retirement that cannot and should not be avoided, good dental health becomes a cost-saving, whereas bad dental health can be a financial...

Can You Trust Your Own Eyes?


Of the five senses, sight is the one many of us rely on most. Ironically, it’s the least reliable. Since ancient times, meditators and scientists have studied how we receive and process information to form perceptions, thoughts and emotions. And what they’ve learned about the senses makes perfect sense. The closer the sense object to the sense organ, the more reliable the information...

Retirement Planning: Take The First Small Dip Now


Planning for your retirement can be loaded with questions, concerns, anticipation and even excitement. But just as is the case with other major life plans, it’s best done understanding all the available options and, if possible, having a road map to get where you want to be. And chances are good that you’ll need to make minor adjustments along the way, but AMBA and your association...



Prepare for the worst. For many retirees, that’s been the mindset since Americans started retiring in 1935. It’s time for a new mindset. Instead of preparing for the worst, what if you did the opposite? Prepare for the best! The purpose of supplemental insurance, for example, isn’t for you to worry about your teeth, your blood pressure and 20 million other things. The purpose is...

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