Are You Prepared If Your Hiking Vacation Becomes A Helicopter Rescue?


In March of 2020, Margaret was looking forward to visiting friends in Arizona. They were going to meet up in Phoenix and drive north to hike the Grand Canyon. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the trip was delayed. The team finally met up last month. Unfortunately, another setback occurred, but this time on the trail. The group started their hike on the Widforss Trail around 9am. Three hours...

Dashing Through the Snow for Holiday Travel? Be Sure Your Ambulance Bill Is Covered.


Dashing Through the Snow for Holiday Travel? Be Sure Your Ambulance Bill Is Covered. Santa may be checking the list of who’s naughty, but if you’re taking a roadtrip to be with loved ones during the holidays, your checklist should include making sure you protect yourself from emergency medical transportation bills. Learn about a MASA membership now. Read Now > Learn more about med transportation...

Summer Vacation: Getting Away, Safely, With Some Thoughtful Planning.


Summer Vacation – Getting Away, Safely, With Some Thoughtful Planning After spending months at home, who isn’t ready for some travel? Satisfying your wanderlust this year could include trips at amazing discounts, discovering local draws on a staycation, or meet-ups with friends and loved ones. Get the tips and suggestions for a great summer – as you continue to exercise the precautions to keep...

One Airlift Could Take Your Savings For A Wild Ride


For Derek Beres, it started as a fun Saturday with his grandson. They were racing his ATV along the Red River in Texas. The weather was perfect, the trail wasn’t too crowded. Then suddenly, while scooting around a corner, the vehicle tilted on its side and the ATV toppled over. He knew his left arm was severely injured, but didn’t realize the extent of the damage until the hospital at Wichita...

Planning Your Next Great Adventure? Try These Tips from A Personal Travel Coach.


There are sports coaches. Life coaches. And career coaches. But a travel coach? Formerly a travel writer, Dylan Essertier now works with people seeking travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary vacation. “I searched for a travel advisor who would speak to ‘a woman like me’—someone who didn’t just want to escape through travels but use that time away to help me move toward my long...

Will Your Ambulance Be Covered? Flip A Coin.


“If you call 911 for an ambulance, it’s basically a coin flip whether or not that ambulance will be in or out of network.” This word of warning comes from Christopher Garmon, a health economist at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His research shows that 51% of medical emergency transport services will result in an out-of-network bill, commonly known as a surprise medical bill. Compare...

To RV or Not To RV: That Is the Question


Klipinger.com recently published two articles about RVs. One gives reasons to retire in an RV and the other gives reasons why you’ll regret it. Fair enough. What should you do? Here are some pros and cons to help you make up your own mind, or at least begin the process of doing so: Pros: • Lower cost of living • Great way to volunteer and see the country at the same time • You won’t...

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