If You Fall Off The Horse, Make Sure Your Ambulance Is Covered


When Sonna Anderson’s trusty steed Cody got spooked, tripped, and fell on top of her, that was scary enough. But then came the air ambulance bill. She could hardly believe her eyes: $54,727.26. Less than a third was covered by insurance, leaving the 60-year-old with a balance due of $41,029.53. “It shocked me,” she said. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize Medicare...

A Bucket List Guaranteed to Keep Your Retirement Interesting


Climbing Mount Everest or swimming the English Channel might be a bit much for most of us.  On the other hand, completing a million-piece jigsaw puzzle or rebuilding a car engine might not be all that exciting. In his book, The Great Bucket List: 3,000 things To Do Before You Die,Tal Gur’s suggestions range from ambitious to just plain fun. Here’s a sampling (try them at...

Traveling This Summer? Prepare for Emergency Side Trips.


A few years ago, Vicki and Bill were vacationing in Hawaii. Both were retired and in excellent health. Then one morning, after swimming laps, Bill was overcome by weakness and taken to Straub Hospital. Turns out, he had a major stroke.  Thanks to Medical Air Services Association (MASA), the story has a happy ending. Two weeks later, Bill was given the okay to return home to Villages, Florida...

Bracing yourself: Medicare does not cover your teeth in retirement, but there are solutions.


Healthy teeth can help lead to a healthy life overall. But as many people look at retirement, they realize they will no longer have full dental insurance. That puts your teeth, and health, at greater risk. As your financial matters become a fixed concern in retirement that cannot and should not be avoided, good dental health becomes a cost-saving, whereas bad dental health can be a financial...



Prepare for the worst. For many retirees, that’s been the mindset since Americans started retiring in 1935. It’s time for a new mindset. Instead of preparing for the worst, what if you did the opposite? Prepare for the best! The purpose of supplemental insurance, for example, isn’t for you to worry about your teeth, your blood pressure and 20 million other things. The purpose is...

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