Getting Your Eyes in Shape for Summer


As we do our best to get (or stay) healthy for summer, it’s important to take special care of our eyes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology emphasizes protection against: Reflections – When the sun bounces off metal, water, or sand, ultraviolent (UV) rays can burn the surface of your eye, causing pain, blurriness and temporary vision loss. Wear 100% UV Protection sunglasses. A broad...

This Is Not Your Parents’ Retirement


Remember when gold watches marked the beginning of prosperous retirements? Times have changed, to put it mildly. In 1950, only about 8% of Americans were 65 or older. Today it’s nearly 17%, and by 2050, the projection is 22%. But that’s not the problem. Only about 40% of workers have a retirement plan that employers contribute to, and less than 40% are regularly putting aside money...

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