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Staying Home? Be Sure To Avoid At-Home Injuries.


In this time of many of us staying at home and only leaving for essentials like groceries, it’s important to know the most common accidents that occur in the home, and how to prevent or treat them. The most common accidents are trips and falls. Keep the house clean and make sure that there are no objects on the floor, and that electrical or phone cords are safely out of the way of your footpath...

If You’re Going to Fall, You Might as Well Do It Right


While most of our fears are learned, there are only two we’re born with: loud noises and falling. Nobody wants to fall, and understandably so. There’s very little control, if any. We’re never sure how we’ll land, only that it’s going to hurt—not just our body but also our self-esteem. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of four older Americans falls...

Health Setbacks Can Be Great Teachers


Most of us would prefer to stay healthy and injury-free throughout our retirement. Life, however, doesn’t always cooperate. Suddenly we’re housebound like Paul Sheldon in the Stephen King novel, Misery, with no choice but to surrender to medical professionals, caretakers and our body’s natural response to treatment and rest. For us type A personalities, recuperation—which...

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