The Assurance of a Future Well-Lived: It’s Possible With Help From Your Association and AMBA


We all hope the future is bright and positive. A time when things will improve and get easier. This speaks to the fundamentally uplifting long-term attitude we have or wish for.

And when your retirement future finally arrives and it’s time to kick back and enjoy every little moment with family and friends, your association, along with its partner Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), can help create a reassuring plan to deal with any potential hurdles that come your way.

AMBA offers full-service supplemental insurance nationwide, and in a way that helps you design and enjoy a range of benefit programs custom-built for you. AMBA has helped over 700,000 U.S. retirees by providing coverage for specific areas that general insurance does not. Best of all, those top-shelf benefits come at great group rates like you enjoyed before retirement.

Many of the policies available through AMBA and its associations cover areas such as dental, vision, long-term care, cancer, heart, stroke and other concerns. Plus, agents are ready to help, providing expert, friendly advice.

Sure, AMBA sells insurance, but its involvement in your association is deeper than that. AMBA offers members expert advice on a host of topics like financial matters connected to retirement and helpful and healthy information on living well. AMBA even attends local chapter meetings, and even occasionally helps out at association offices!

Even though AMBA is nationwide, it continually works one-on-one with members like you to review which supplemental insurance products meet your needs and best protect your family.

If you’re not already a member of your association, join!  If you are already a member, take full advantage of the great dental, vision, and other coverage from AMBA and your association.

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