The Best Thing A Retired Teacher Can Do? Keep Teaching!


It’s no secret many of us went into teaching because we have a passion for education. That love for helping children never goes away, even after retirement, and especially during the nationwide shutdown due to COVID-19.

Many retired teachers are becoming online mentors to students. Their motivation is the same purpose that brought them to the field. That renewed spark, paired with decades of experience in the classroom, is the perfect combination to inspire and motivate children into disciplined and engaged at-home students.

For some retirees, it’s an exciting way to brush up on their own education. Though many of us are accustomed to face to face classrooms, in order to engage with students now, we need to rely on tools like Facetime and Zoom. “I entered the 21st century!” says one. “I resisted learning how to use video chat for so long, but…necessity is the mother of invention!  I’m still figuring out the right lighting and camera position and how to respond to real-time viewers, but, honestly, I’m learning as much as my students. It’s exciting!”

Retiree-mentors can help students review their school assignments and can specifically target aspects of learning that need the most attention. A mentor can even help students in areas where they didn’t even know they could use the help.

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