Traveling This Summer? Prepare for Emergency Side Trips.


A few years ago, Vicki and Bill were vacationing in Hawaii. Both were retired and in excellent health. Then one morning, after swimming laps, Bill was overcome by weakness and taken to Straub Hospital. Turns out, he had a major stroke. 

Thanks to Medical Air Services Association (MASA), the story has a happy ending. Two weeks later, Bill was given the okay to return home to Villages, Florida to recover. But he needed special medical transportation. MASA to the rescue!

“The cost for the air ambulance was $58,500,” Vicki recalls. “MASA paid the entire amount.”

For all you homebodies, it’s good to know that MASA’s best-in-class medical transport isn’t just for world travelers. In fact, 90% of all emergencies occur within five miles of home. Recently, a Texas retiree had a stroke in his house and needed specialized care immediately. It was rush hour; using a ground ambulance would have wasted precious time. The 17-mile airlift from Azel to Fort Worth came to $24,952. Once again, MASA paid every penny.

Since Medicare doesn’t cover medical emergency transportation, you might want to consider a MASA policy. Services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, from home or anywhere in the world. MASA can also arrange to transport your vehicles, small children, grandchildren and even your pets, with no additional costs. There are no premiums, deductibles or other hassles.

Ask an expert from AMBA about an emergency transport policy that works for you.

And have a safe summer, wherever your travels may take you.




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