What Better Way to Celebrate Father’s Day? Also Celebrate National Men’s Health Week


National Men’s Health Week is all about encouraging men, and the men in your life, to take steps to maintain and improve their physical and mental health. For men, issues like these frequently get overlooked. Eating right, exercising, and working to prevent disease are important, especially as we continue to accumulate Father’s Day celebrations. The blue ribbon that is the official symbol for National Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases including cancer, heart disease, and depression.


  1. Check, please!

If you’re stressing about a symptom—a busted knee, a persistent headache, exhaustion—you may have a long-held attitude, maybe learned in Little League, that you should just “walk it off”. But you haven’t played Pee-Wee Baseball (except maybe as Coach) for a number of decades now. Silently worrying never cured anything. Going to the doctor and discussing your medical issues and your family’s health history can do two important things: one, you and your doctor can solve out what’s wrong, and two, it can keep you from worrying! Detecting issues like arthritis or prostate cancer early is essential. Men’s Health Week encourages you to get yourself checked out so you can get and feel better.

  • We should talk

The first step toward 10,000 steps a day isn’t with your feet! Talking about your health is the key to take action for your health. Bikes get ridden, gyms get joined, appointments get made, and often delayed resolutions get enacted.

  • An excuse for pampering

What’s good for the body is sometimes also good for the soul. Play some golf, get a massage, take an extra long nap. It’s all healthy, and if anyone asks why, you’ve got the perfect answer: Men’s Health Week!


  1. Change up your diet

This is a great opportunity to change the way you eat. Cut back on alcohol or up your intake of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. If you can live with healthier choices for a week, you can do it for life!

  • Score some goals

Use this month to take stock of your health now and think about where you want it to be. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Have more quality time with the family? This is the time to reflect and make resolutions!

  • Don’t stop believing

As many aging rock stars clearly show, you can keep growing older gracefully. If Mick Jagger can still get out there and entertain sold-out stadiums night after night, we all can prove to ourselves and the world that we’ve still got it. The healthier we live, the more peace of mind we give ourselves. Who said these can’t be the best years of our lives?

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