When Should You Visit Your Eye Doctor In The Age of Social Distancing?


You know how important taking care of your vision is. Routine visits to your eye doctor are an essential part of maintaining good eye health. But with concerns about COVID-19 all over the news and the priority to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, should you wait to visit your eye doctor?

The answer is, it depends. As of March 17, The American Academy of Ophthalmology hadn’t issued any specific guidelines., other than to follow CDC recommendations.

If you were scheduled for a routine visit or an elective procedure, talk with your eye doctor about postponing and rescheduling your appointment.

If you do need to make or keep an urgent appointment, here are some steps you can take to keep you and others safe:

  • Make sure you inform the office if you have any symptoms of illness such as a fever or a cough.
  • To reduce your exposure time with others, wait in your car instead of in the office for your appointment.
  • Make sure the office is taking steps to keep you and other patients safe. This includes disinfecting surfaces and equipment, and providing hand sanitizer for patients.
  • The eye doctor may use a special plastic barrier called a slit-lamp breath shield to block the exchange of breath between patient and doctor. 
  • The optometrist may wear a mask with a plastic shield over the eyes. 

And, remember: if you need new glasses or to order contact lenses, with your eye doctor’s prescription, you have the choice to order them online.

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