Why Age When You Can Sage?


It’s easy to equate retiring with aging, especially when our bodies remind us that we’re not getting any younger. Being told you’re only as young as you feel isn’t much help.

Jann E. Freed, author of Leading with Wisdom, offers a different approach, which she calls sage-ing. There are three basic instructions:

1. Live Life with Meaning & Purpose. The research validates what common sense already tells us: Those with a reason to get up in the morning live longer than those without one. Make sure you have something to do, somewhere to go, or someone to help.

2. Embrace Your Mortality. Rather than dreading death, use it to appreciate each moment. Before bedtime, Zen masters turn their teacups upside down, not assuming they’re going to wake up in the morning. Then, when they do, it’s a pleasant surprise. Ah, tea!

3. Leave a Legacy. This isn’t about major achievements. “We leave a legacy all the time every day,” Freed explains. She calls it the bread crumb legacy: the effect of each word and action. Pay attention to the difference you’re making and how you want to be remembered.

Being wise about retirement choices is also important. Consult a sage from AMBA about the insurance and other benefits available to you to help you live life your way.

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Source: https://www.nextavenue.org/why-age-when-you-can-sage/

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